26 years pass since Sirkhavend tragedy 

  05 March 2018    Read: 2703
26 years pass since Sirkhavend tragedy 

26 years have passed since Armenians committed killings in Sirkhavend village of Aghdam. On March 5, 1992 Armenian Armed Forces shelled at the Sirkhavend village of Agdam killing 10 Azerbaijanis. As a result of provocation dozens of houses, school buildings and other non-residential facilities were seriously damaged, AzVision.az reports. 

There were more than 250 houses in Sirkhavend, with about 2,000 inhabitants.

As a result of armed aggression by Armenia 20 percent of the territory of Azerbaijan has been under occupation since more than a quarter of a century. Over 1 million Azerbaijanis were subjected to ethnic cleansing and have been forced to leave their homes to become refugees and IDPs in their own country. Sirkhavend villagers had to leave their houses as well. 

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