Ex-Special Adviser to Baker: “USA will not change Azerbaijan to Armenia” - EXCLUSIVE

  26 March 2018    Read: 1505
Ex-Special Adviser to Baker: “USA will not change Azerbaijan to Armenia” - EXCLUSIVE

by Anar Musayev

The Armenian mass media still widely discusses the importance of the so-called “work visit” of the head of separatists in Karabakh to the USA. Recently, an Armenian website aravot-ru.am published an article, saying that the USA truly supports Armenia in the Karabakh issue and that this visit will play an important role in the relations between the separatist movement in Karabakh and the USA.

‘Azerbaijan should not attach much attention to Bako Sahakyan’s visit to the USA’, said Paul Goble, a famous American analyst, and former special advisor on Soviet nationality issues and Baltic Affairs to Secretary of State James Baker, in his interview to defence.az.

He says it was simply a personal visit and he was not accepted on a high level.

‘I believe Washington’s policy regarding Baku is based on geopolitics, human rights and Iran, and not the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. And I doubt very much that USA is capable of changing Azerbaijan for Armenia in the Karabakh issue. The thing is that Washington still considers Azerbaijan a reliable partner in matters of cooperation in energy security and energetics. The Azerbaijani gas will soon be transported to Europe and Americans attach special importance to this project’, Goble noted.

Speaking on possible worsening of the American-Azerbaijani relations, the analyst said that this visit will not have a negative impact on the relations between the two countries.

‘Baku should understand that it was a private visit, nothing more than that. If Sahakyan was not accepted on a high level by anyone, this means that this visit was of no importance. If Armenia counts on serious progress in negotiations process on Karabakh after this visit, they are deeply mistaken. That will not happen’, Goble concluded.

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