Armenian leadership admits country is in isolation - Hikmat Hajiyev

  16 April 2018    Read: 2163
Armenian leadership admits country is in isolation - Hikmat Hajiyev

The Armenian leadership admits that its country is in a state of isolation and that it has no access to regional transportation projects, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Hikmat Hajiyev told.

He was commenting on the interview of Armenia’s former president Serzh Sargsyan with Russia’s Izvestiya newspaper.

“Apparently, the Armenian leadership, which has not achieved any results in the development of the state and the improvement of well-being of the people, is trying to compensate for this by means of war and propaganda on the eve of the forthcoming change in power. Over the past ten years, Armenia’s external debt has been growing rapidly and nears $7 billion. This figure surpassed the level of external debt defined in national legislation in relation to GDP,” said Hajiyev.

“Unemployment is at a high level, accounting for 18.9 percent, and poverty stands at 32 percent. In reality, these figures are even higher. The country is experiencing demographic crisis. Speaking against the background of this real socio-economic picture about some kind of economic development is an illusion,” he noted.

“In the interview, the Armenian leadership admits that the country is in self-isolation and is deprived of access to regional transportation projects. Due to the continuation of the policy of aggression and occupation against Azerbaijan, territorial claims to other neighboring states, today Armenia has isolated itself both geopolitically and geoeconomically,” added the spokesperson.

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