Samad Seyidov slams corruption report by PACE Independent External Investigation Body

  26 April 2018    Read: 2420
Samad Seyidov slams corruption report by PACE Independent External Investigation Body

Head of the Azerbaijani delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)Samad Seyidov said he is proud to represent Azerbaijan, stressing that any attempt to discredit the country is in itself corruption.

Addressing debated on the corruption report by PACE’s Independent External Investigation Body, Seyidov said that the demonstration of such an attitude towards Azerbaijan raises a question.

“About a month ago you applauded Serzh Sargsyan in this hall. However, two days ago he was removed from power in Armenia for corruption. Where are those who presented him here as a democrat?” the Azerbaijani MP said.

He noted that Azerbaijan is in a state of war with Armenia.

“Part of our territories was occupied, we have nearly one million internally displaced people. We joined the organization [PACE] to see the rule of law. However, we observe here a new international law. My name is also included in the corruption report, however, the investigation body stated that I have nothing to do with corruption. I can not understand why my name is on this report. This is an unfair report. We will fight for our name, and we will win. Years ago, I said that this is our Council of Europe. Now I say that this is your Council of Europe. I do not want to work in such Council of Europe,” Seyidov added.

PACE’s Independent External Investigation Body earlier released its report on corruption facts within the Assembly.

The report includes the names of Head of Azerbaijan's delegation to PACESamad Seyidov, co-rapporteurs Stefan Schennach, Cezar Florin Preda, former PACE president Pedro Agramunt, Spanish parliamentarian Jordi Xucla, etc. 

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