'Genocide' scandal between Armenia and Israel 

  25 May 2018    Read: 3503

Addressing the political figures of Israel, Armenian community of ‘Nairi’ which functions in Petah Tikva, Israel and Armenian center of culture and education ‘Noyan Tapan’ demanded to stop using the issue of the so-called ‘Armenian genocide’ in their political games.

The editor-in-chief of the newspaper ‘Israelahayer’ (Armenians in Israel) and head of the Armenian community of ‘Nairi’ in Jerusalem, Artyom Chernamoryan wrote about it on his Facebook page, AzVision.az reports. His post states to leave victims of the so-called "Armenian genocide" in peace and not to use issue on recognition as sanctions against Turkey.

Until now, there have been opportunities to recognize ‘Armenian genocide’ by Israeli government and the Knesset (Israel's parliament). However, during 70 years this issue has been used as a sanction and big pressure against Turkey without any moral and political right. Within the context of the rising tensions with Turkey, the issue has been used as a tool to enforce to make more favorable concessions.”

Armenians in Israel demand that Armenian deputies and government members as well as Israeli nation who lost 6 million Jews need to stop using the so –called "Armenian genocide" in their political games. ‘We do not need such evaluation,’ Armenians living in Israel expressed in their statement.

Armenians even used this opportunity to state Azerbaijan’s name. Armenians in Israel stated that Tel Aviv and the Knesset, which have good relations with Ankara and Baku will not accept legislation on recognition of the so-called ‘Armenian genocide’. However, Armenians could not hide their dissimulations. After humiliating the official Tel Aviv, high ranking state figures, deputies and politicians of Israel, Armenians in Israel expressed their hope about recognition of the so-called ‘Armenian genocide’ by Israel. 

Note, Israel’s parliament made a decision to hold a plenary discussion on the recognition of the so-called ‘Armenian genocide’ with the leader of ‘Merets’ party, Tamar Zandberg’s suggestion. Israeli parliamentarians, Ichig Shimuli and Amir Ohana prepare to represent draft law on the recognition of the so-called ‘Armenian genocide’. Some Israeli ministers called to recognize the so-called “Armenian genocide” following the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s comment on the U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem. Even if the Israeli Knesset recognizes the so-called “Armenian genocide”, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will make a final decision.

However, the Israeli Parliament rejected the bill on recognition of the so-called “Armenian Genocide” in the early months of 2018.  Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely has stated that her country will not demonstrate any official stance on the recognition of the so-called “Armenian genocide”.

Armenians living in Israel got furious because of a lack of an official stance. Clearly, Tel Aviv understands that Armenians use the so-called “Armenian Genocide”, which is not based on historical facts and legal norms, as a political tool. Jews, who experienced the horror of the Holocaust genocide, would never use a ”genocide” as a political pressure.  

The statements of Armenians in Israel prove that they are ready to use every means possible for ruining Israel-Azerbaijan and Israel-Turkey ties, even insulting Jewish people calling the Holocaust a so-called genocide. Armenians in Israel started to use the so-called genocide as a political pressure protesting against Israel and its official stance. This would lead a negative tendency in international politics.


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