Azerbaijan’s Cabinet of Ministers holds expanded meeting

  08 June 2018    Read: 2348
Azerbaijan’s Cabinet of Ministers holds expanded meeting

Azerbaijan’s Prime Minister Novruz Mammadov on Friday chaired an expanded meeting on the issues envisaged in the Cabinet of Ministers’ work plan for 2018, reports citing Azertag.  

The meeting’s agenda included obligations arising from the United NationsFramework Convention on Climate Change and the tasks assigned of the relevant state bodies responsible for implementation of these obligations, a new draft law on the state registration of real state, and proposals on the promotion and support of competitive manufacturing, which replaces imports.

After the reports of the heads of relevant bodies on the issues discussed, views were exchanged on all three topics.

Finally, relevant decisions were made on the issues on agenda.

Closing the meeting, Novruz Mammadov gave instructions to the relevant bodies of the Cabinet of Ministers on the implementation of the tasks ahead.

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