Azerbaijan’s Agjabadi agricultural park may be commissioned in late 2018

  16 June 2018    Read: 1544
Azerbaijan’s Agjabadi agricultural park may be commissioned in late 2018

There are plans to commission Azerbaijan’s Agjabadi agricultural park at the end of this year, Azerbaijan’s Economy Ministry said in a message.

At an event held in Agjabadi district, it was noted that 1,412 entrepreneurs from Agjabadi district have so far received preferential loans worth 72.6 million manats, along with other spheres, investment projects on the creation of a greenhouse, a poultry farm, a livestock complex and a stern mill were financed.

Thirty-six entrepreneurs, operating in the Aran economic region, received preferential loans worth 776,600 manats, which will mainly be directed to the development of livestock breeding, cotton growing, processing of milk and other spheres. Implementation of investment projects using these loans will create an opportunity to open more than 60 new jobs.

A total of 570.3 million manats of preferential loans were allocated for financing 13,800 investment projects of business entities operating in the Aran economic region.

Agjabadi agricultural park was created on the territory of 5,000 hectares. A modern irrigation system was created in the agricultural park at an area of ​​1,215 hectares, soybean was planted at an area of more than 1,000 hectares. It is also planned to create a plant for the production of vegetable oils.

The work is underway in 30 Azerbaijani districts to create 45 agricultural parks worth a total of 1.4 billion manats at an area of ​​191,800 hectares.

Investments worth 311.8 million manats at the expense of state have so far been made for the creation of agricultural parks. (204.2 million manats were invested for activities related to the laying of water, gas, electric communications and roads, land improvement measures and other work, the creation of infrastructure)

State preferential loans worth up to 110 million manats were allocated for the creation of 15 agricultural parks worth more than 400 million manats and investment promotion documents were issued in 14 agricultural parks for 24 investment projects worth 565.5 million manats.

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