Pashinyan confused UN General Assembly with streets of Yerevan - Hikmat Hajiyev 

  26 September 2018    Read: 3122
Pashinyan confused UN General Assembly with streets of Yerevan - Hikmat Hajiyev 

Armenian PM, Pashinyan confused UN General Assembly with streets of Yerevan. Again he made an attempt to deceive the international community unsuccessfully. His efforts to present his dictatorship as well as taking over the authority with governmental upheaval as democracy seem ridiculous. It is obvious that politicians who engaged with populism, demagogy and manipulation caused serious damages in Europe during 1930 -40s, deputy head of the foreign relations department of Azerbaijan’s Presidential Administration, Hikmat Hajiyev said in his statement to AzerTag. 

“The Armenian PM did not speak of any fact or figure about the country’s development, realization of sustainable development goals at national level and living in peace with neighbour countries in accordance with the theme of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly. Because there is not any fact," he noted.

Armenia violated the 2(4) article of the UN resolution and occupied the Nagorno-Karabakh region and 7 surrounding districts by using force against Azerbaijan. The Armenian side has made groundless accusations against Azerbaijan on the settlement of the conflict. Armenia committed bloody ethnic cleansing against more than million Azerbaijanis.

“Armenian PM ruins the negotiation process with his provocative steps and military adventurist and contradictory and nonsense thoughts continuing his ancestors’ policy.

The whole international community clearly understands that Armenia’s military invasion against Azerbaijan and non-withdrawal of its troops from Azerbaijan’s occupied territories is the main problem for the settlement of the conflict. In addition, Armenian PM calls to the annexation of the occupied territories without respect for the international law and UN resolutions”, Hikmat Hajiyev noted.

PM Pashinyan disregarded the UNSC resolutions, which constitutes the political basis for the resolution of the conflict, while being at the UN headquarter.
Armenia must withdraw its troops from the occupied territories, allow IDPs to return to their homes and obey the international law norms and principles in order to achieve success in the settlement of the conflict in accordance with the requirements of the UNSC resolutions. In this regard, the resolution of the conflict will only be able to provide sustainable peace and stability in the region.

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