Massive protest against right-wing surge hits Berlin 

  13 October 2018    Read: 1301
Massive protest against right-wing surge hits Berlin 

Thousands have rallied in Berlin against the riding wave of right-wing politics. The protests come in the wake of recent far-right and neo-Nazi demonstrations against multiculturalism in Chemnitz, Köthen, and Schönberg.

Groups including, pro-refugee, LGBTIQ+ groups, and Muslim organizations hit the streets in support of Saturday’s ‘Indivisible’ protest against the growing surge of racism and xenophobia in Germany and across the EU.

The march pushed the slogan “solidarity instead of exclusion - for an open and free society” following nearly a month of tensions boiling over into right-wing rallies and left-wing counter protests, that at times descended into violence.

“A dramatic political shift is taking place: racism and discrimination are becoming socially acceptable,” organizers of ‘Indivisible’ (Unteilbar) said in a statement. “What yesterday was considered unthinkable and unutterable has today become a reality.”

Tensions reached fever pitch in Germany after the death of a German man in Chemnitz who was reportedly stabbed by a Syrian and an Iraqi. Multiple xenophobic protests took place, with the largest seeing 6,000 neo-nazis and far-right supporters gather to rally against Germany’s multiculturalism and migrant culture.

Some 1,500 left-wing counter-protesters answered back, with protests tipping over into violence as fireworks and projectiles were hurled at each other. Police used water cannons to keep the near-rioting crowds under control.

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