Body parts of pilots of crashed L-39 plane located — defense ministry

  21 October 2018    Read: 928
Body parts of pilots of crashed L-39 plane located — defense ministry

The searches carried out on Saturday found the site with body parts of the two pilots flying the L-39 military training jet that crashed in the Russian southern Krasnodar region, the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters on Saturday, TASS reported.

"During the search and rescue operation on October 20, body parts of the two killed pilots were recovered in the area where the L-39 training plane had crashed. In the past day, in line with required procedures, the found body parts were retrieved from the water," the statement says.

The defense ministry added that an emergency towing boat of the Black Sea Fleet had headed for the search area to lift large pieces of debris, which may be part of the fuselage. The boat is equipped with a lift gear and might be used for underwater exploration.

The search operation will be continued in the morning after the sunrise, the defense ministry added.

The L-39 military training plane crashed at about 5pm Moscow time on Thursday as it was on a training flight. Technical malfunction is seen as a possible cause of the crash. The plane carried no weapons. Both pilots had ejected from the plane before it crashed into the water allegedly near the Dolgaya Spit, about 1.5 kilometers off the coast.

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