Azerbaijan’s immigration legislation developed, says Vusal Huseynov

  30 October 2018    Read: 1941
Azerbaijan’s immigration legislation developed, says Vusal Huseynov

“Azerbaijan has today developed its crime and immigration legislation”, head of the State Migration Service Vusal Huseynov said at the conference “Multiple approaches to Human trafficking and migrant smuggling: International and national legislation”.

“The world has been hit by the immigration problem in recent years. There are more than 260 000 migrants all over the world. Only multiple approaches can help to solve this”, Vusal Huseynov noted.

Huseynov also touched on the criminal networks that profit from illegal activities because of illegal immigration: “The number of illegal migrant smuggling rises every year in the world. There are many discussions in the media and international events regarding this issue. The people smugglers bring migrants from Africa and Asia across the Mediterranean to mainland Europe. We also observe these tendencies and processes in our country and make efforts to prevent them”.

“Azerbaijan joined all international documents and conventions in regard with this field. We have almost adjusted our legislation to the international immigration legislation. Today we have developed both our immigration and crime legislation. The two institutions – Ministry of Internal Affairs and State Migration Service work together in this process”, Huseynov stated.

Huseynov also highlighted the regulation of migration processes by the State Migration Service: “We have taken measures against criminal groups that transport illegal migrants to our country.  The statistic allows us to say that the scope of illegal immigration in Azerbaijan is not broad".


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