Farmers to gain enormous benefits from "Green corridor" on customs borders of Azerbaijan

  24 December 2018    Read: 1348
Farmers to gain enormous benefits from "Green corridor" on customs borders of Azerbaijan

Application of "Green corridor" on customs borders of Azerbaijan will enormously benefit farmers.

Agriculture Minister Inam Karimov made the statement at the Foreign Trade Participants Forum: Application of Green Corridor Pass System on Dec. 24, Trend reports.

Agrarian products spoil quite fast and from this point of view the implementation of Green corridor will be beneficial and fruitful for farmers, he said.

Over the first 11 months of 2018, agrarian production increased by 4.6 percent, plantings by 6.6 percent, and cattle breeding by 2.7 percent, Karimov added.

"Development of non-oil sector remains a priority of the head of state's economic policy, while agriculture occupies an important place in the non-oil sector," he stressed.

Thanks to attention attached to the agriculture sector, this field of economy has entered a new stage of development, Karimov said, noting the importance of increasing productivity and output of quality products.

"In this connection it is necessary, first of all, to create favorable conditions for the producers," he said, adding that Azerbaijan is one of countries that rendered overall support to farmers.

Supporting the farmers with an objective to bring their products to local and foreign markets remains to be an important task, Karimov believes.

The State Statistical Committee recorded that in January to November of 2018 the volume of agriculture production in the country made up 6.6 billion manats in actual prices, up by 4.6 percent over the year.

In this period production rose by 2.7 percent in the cattle breeding to 3.5 billion manats, and 6.6 percent in planting field to 3.1 billion manats.



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