Jim Carrey ‘steals show’ at Golden Globes 

  08 January 2019    Read: 1594
Jim Carrey ‘steals show’ at Golden Globes 

GOLDEN Globes 2019 viewers praised Jim Carrey for "stealing the show" during a hilarious skit in the ceremony's opening monologue.

Hosts Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh booted the esteemed Hollywood star from the "movie section" of the audience, because he is at the show for his TV series Kidding.

The 56-year-old star played along with the skit - storming off to the TV section with his dinner, quipping that he doesn't want to "leave any DNA in the film section".

Opening the show, Killing Eve's Sandra said: "I am seeing Jim Carrey sitting up front tonight in the movie section even though he's nominated for a TV show."

Brooklyn 99's Andy added: "That's not going to work, I am so sorry, Jim but we are going to have to ask you to vacate the movie section and go sit with the TV folk."

Jim replied: "You're kidding right?"

Andy retorted: "It's awkward because you're our hero but we do have to ask you to move."

When the star said that he was in a new Sonic The Hedgehog film coming out later this year, Andy suggested Jim returned next year as a bodyguard was seen tapping Jim on the shoulder to escort him from the seat.

The funnyman shouted as he left his seat: "I'm going, should I take my dinner too?

"I wouldn't want to leave any of my DNA in the film section."

When the hosts further apologised, Jim hit back from the TV section: "I'm sorry, I can't hear you.

"I see your lips moving but there's a delay, it takes a long time for the sound to get this far."

He then jokingly pulled two glasses to his eyes, pretending that he was using them to see the hosts from the distance.

Fans at home were lapping up the hilarious routine, and took to social media to praise the star.

One wrote: "And just like that @JimCarrey just won the entirety of the @goldenglobes! Nothing else matters."

Another added: "Jim Carrey is stealing the show lol He's the best."


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