OSCE PA VP appeals to law enforcement agencies, int’l organizations over Mehman Huseynov’s case

  12 January 2019    Read: 1147
  OSCE PA VP appeals to law enforcement agencies, int’l organizations over Mehman Huseynov’s case

Analyzing the recent publications in foreign media, as well as statements by some international organizations about blogger Mehman Huseynov, one can conclude that in many cases the responses to the issue are inadequate and it is felt that the essence of events is deliberately distorted, Trend reports citing Member of Parliament of Azerbaijan and Vice-President of the OSCE PA Azay Guliyev.

“It causes serious concerns, confuses the local and international community and restricts the access to information reflecting the real course of events. One of the particular issues disturbing me is the news, disseminated in the foreign media, which say that the new criminal proceedings have been launched against Mehman Huseynov and he will be sentenced to additional seven years of imprisonment, because of which, he started a dry hunger strike and put himself into immediate risk of death, which are far from reality,” said Guliyev.

“The situation regarding Mehman Huseynov was seriously disturbing me as the Vice-President of the OSCE PA. I held discussions with the relevant bodies in order to learn the truth regarding the information, spread about Mehman Huseynov. To know the essence of the new accusation brought against him, as well as to get accurate information about his health conditions, and tried to clarify some questions.”

He noted that according to the received information, the incident between Mehman Huseynov and the prison officer was sent to the prosecuting authorities for examination. “As far as I understood, the incident is being objectively and fairly examined and the public will be thoroughly informed about its results.”

“As regards the statements by some international organizations and foreign media publications on the severe or even fatal state of Mehman Huseynov's health, it should be noted that none of this information is reasonable either. It can also be seen from the official statements, that Mehman Huseynov does not hold a hunger strike, his health is normal, and no discrimination, oppression or illegal actions are taken against him. As known, all above-mentioned facts have been proved in recent statements made by the representative of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Azerbaijan, human rights organizations, foreign embassies who visited him in prison, as well as Mehman Huseynov's appeal to media.”

Guliyev said he hopes that the rights of Mehman Huseynov will be fully protected in compliance with the national legislation and this issue will not be any longer a subject for political manipulations.

“In conclusion, I call on law enforcement bodies to examine the incident in a very objective and just manner, as well as on international organizations, embassies and foreign media not to react hastily to the issue without knowing the whole essence of the situation and wait for the results of complete examinations.”

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