Butterfly you pick reveals your personality - TEST

  23 July 2020    Read: 1637
 Butterfly you pick reveals your personality -  TEST

Butterflies could symbolize a number of things. And the one you feel most attracted to you could show signs about the person you are.

All the things that you surround yourself with, like photographs, paintings, colorful antiques are all connected to your innate personality traits. They all symbolize something to you and you may not even be consciously aware of it, but something inside you makes you feel attracted to it.

Colors, too, are known to represent certain emotions and it is your personality traits that influence how drawn you are to certain hues. Steven Gans, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, talks about how they play a role in your emotions and feelings, and even influence your mood.

Ideally, you reach out for specific colors or items that your personality feels most drawn to. When it comes to butterflies, they could symbolize different meanings for you. Butterflies could represent life, change, a way of thinking or even be linked with the soul.

The butterfly that you feel most drawn to could reveal several things about you. Pick one from above and we’ll tell you what it says.

1. Unpretentious

If this was the butterfly you felt most drawn to, then it could reveal that you prefer living a life that’s all about simplicity. You find great joy in the little things and you always keep your head held high with a positive attitude. You don’t like to clutter things, and this goes for your relationships, your daily routine, and even your mind, too.

You make sure to stay away from complicated relationships that don’t add value to your life. You don’t let yourself get lost in a whirlwind of emotions. You are in touch with your emotions and that allows you to keep your mind de-cluttered as well.

2. Fearless

Those who pick this butterfly have a fearless personality. You have great willpower and courage, and that helps you stick it out through even the most difficult situations in life. There’s a loud and flamboyant side to your personality, but you’re able to balance it out with your warm and friendly side.

Your loved ones admire you for the great personal strength that you have. The one thing that’s most important to you is being accept for the person you are. You love socializing and connecting with people and you expect them to give you the same respect that you are willing to give them.

3. Calm

If this was the butterfly that caught your attention first, it could be a sign of your calm and composed nature. You have a relaxed approach to life and you like doing things in your own way, at your own pace. You tend to surround yourself with people who understand you.

Although you take time to open up, once they see how understanding and empathetic you are, they instantly feel attracted to you. While you love spending time with people, you also value your alone time. It gives you a chance to reflect on your emotions, especially when you’re going through a stressful time.

4. Generous

This butterfly reveals that you’re a generous person with lots of love to share with the people around you. You like to stay grounded, and people appreciate the honesty and integrity you bring to every relationship. Although you are extremely giving, over time, you realized that not everybody deserves it. So you have started being careful about who you show your true colors to.

Most of the time, you like to be in control and have everything organized in your own way. You try your best not to pick sides when it comes to your loved ones, and most of the time you are the one who lets people find the middle ground while sorting differences out.

5. Cheerful
If the butterfly that caught your attention was this one, it indicates a hearty, cheerful personality. You’re not the kind of person who would change just to fit in. Instead, you remain true to yourself and love people for the unique beauties and quirks that they come with.

Every now and then, you take time out to unleash your creative side and let your imagination run wild and free. Not only do you push yourself to give your best to everything, but you also have a way of inspiring your loved ones to give out their best. That’s why they call you up first whenever they need a heart-to-heart conversation with someone who always knows the right thing to say.

6. Laidback

Being most drawn to this butterfly could reveal that you’re an easygoing person, carrying yourself with a kind heart and caring soul. Not only do you have the ability to be sensitive to the feelings of others, but you also take time out to love and take care of yourself. Nothing stops you from sharing your deepest thoughts with the people you love.

You keep things real and like to be surrounded by people who speak from the heart. When it comes to making decisions, whether it’s about relationships, people, or tough choices in life, you always rely on your gut feeling. And it has pushed you through some of the hardest challenges in life.



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