Azerbaijan disappointed with unilateral position of US, says presidential aide 

  29 March 2024    Read: 325
  Azerbaijan disappointed with unilateral position of US, says presidential aide 

Azerbaijan is disappointed with the unilateral position of the US, Hikmet Hajiyev, Assistant of the President of Azerbaijan and Head of Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration, told the Chinese Phoenix TV channel, reports. 

"There must be regional responsibility, initiative, and cooperation. Peace must exist between Baku and Yerevan. We must understand each other's problems, turn the page of confrontation, and move forward. Countries like France, for example, militarize Armenia on the one hand and talk about peace on the other.

This can't be advantageous since it turns you into a party with prejudice. We are also dissatisfied with certain of the US's remarks and deeds. In regards to Azerbaijan, it has adopted a unilateral stance," he said.

Hajiyev also reminded that the US adopted the 907th amendment to the 'Freedom Support Act', prohibiting the government from providing assistance to Azerbaijan.

"Azerbaijan does not need anyone's help. We are not a recipient country of aid. The concept itself is unclear to us. The 907th Amendment was adopted by the US Congress back in 1992, when Azerbaijani territories were occupied. Imagine being occupied, and the US Congress adopts the 907th Amendment, which prohibits the American government from providing support to Azerbaijan.

But again, this is the choice of the US, and it is their Congress, but the question is, if you take unilateral actions, you cannot be fully impartial in the negotiating process. We appreciate good offices. But we do not believe there is a need for any form of mediation," the presidential aide added.

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