Azerbaijan’s Supreme Court introduces E-Justice platform

  02 April 2024    Read: 409
Azerbaijan’s Supreme Court introduces E-Justice platform

“An E-Justice platform is proposed to be established in Azerbaijan, which will allow the implementation of e-justice through a single platform,” said Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and Chairman of the Judicial-Legal Council of Azerbaijan Inam Karimov as he addressed a conference on the theme “Digital criminal procedure: modern challenges and goals,” reports.

Minister Inam Karimov mentioned that the Supreme Court and the Judicial-Legal Council had developed a new concept that includes electronic interaction between government agencies, which aims to make a significant contribution to the work of law enforcement agencies, as well as the judiciary.

"The E-Justice platform serves to facilitate access and enhance the efficiency of justice, increase citizens’ satisfaction, and also implement e-justice through a single platform. The Electronic Justice system is a centralized platform that ensures the digitalization of proceedings in cases of civil, commercial, criminal, and administrative offenses,” Karimov emphasized.

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