Azerbaijan aims to boost infection prevention and control systems

  08 April 2024    Read: 679
Azerbaijan aims to boost infection prevention and control systems

In 2024, Azerbaijan aims to bolster its infection prevention and control systems, vaccination programs, emergency response capabilities, primary healthcare services, and foundational health provisions, alongside enhancing food safety measures, World Health Organization (WHO) Representative and Head of Country Office in Azerbaijan Hande Harmanci said, reports.

She made the statement during a meeting of the Joint Government-UN Steering Committee on the implementation of the 'United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2021-2025'.

"In 2024, Azerbaijan is set to enhance its systems for infection prevention and control, vaccination, emergency response, primary healthcare, and fundamental health services, alongside improving food safety measures. Additionally, emphasis is placed on bolstering the capacity of the national education and training system to ensure inclusive access and high-quality preschool and primary education in mine action, including training on the risks associated with explosive ordnance," she said.

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