Assistance to Azerbaijan in field of mine clearance discussed in Geneva

  30 April 2024    Read: 944
 Assistance to Azerbaijan in field of mine clearance discussed in Geneva

In Geneva, at a meeting of the Mine Action Support Group, which is the coordination format of donor countries in the field of mine clearance, the issue of increasing assistance to Azerbaijan in this direction was discussed, reports.

Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA), who took part in the meeting, informed the meeting participants about the scale of destruction caused by Armenia in our country and the problem of landmines, victims of mine incidents, and successes achieved by our country in the field of mine clearance, necessary foreign assistance and international activities of Azerbaijan in the field of the mine problem.

It was brought to attention that it is necessary to provide adequate external support for the return of Azerbaijanis to their native land, carrying out restoration and reconstruction work in the territories liberated from occupation, as well as the speedy elimination of the mine problem, which directly affects the safety of the population.

During the meeting, it was emphasized that this assistance can help development, peace and reconciliation as a condition of humanitarian solidarity.

At the event, there was also an exchange of views on certain aspects of the mine problem in our country and an agreement was reached to continue discussions in order to resolve problems on this issue.

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