Anna Hakobyan self-advertises herself, says Armenia's former National Security adviser

  28 October 2020    Read: 409
Anna Hakobyan self-advertises herself, says Armenia

Armenian PM’s wife, Anna Hakobyan tries to self-advertise herself saying that she attended military training with 13 women to go to the frontline, said  a former national security adviser to the Armenian president and chairman of the National Security Party, Garnik Isagulyan stating that it was not the right time for a PR campaign.

"I think it would be better if Anna Hakobyan did not go to the front line, and it could cause unnecessary inconvenience in the army fighting in the front line. This is not the right step and the guards should not allow her to enter the danger zone. If they allow Hakobyan, they are not simply fulfilling their duties in accordance with the plan or are under pressure from her."

Earlier, Nikol Pashinyan called men to go to military commissariats to join the protection of their homeland, and women to encourage men. Pashinyan also noted that women can form groups and go to the frontline, and if they want, they will find strength in themselves.

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