Another foreign media attacked by Armenians

  29 October 2020    Read: 407
  Another foreign media attacked by Armenians

Well-known Egyptian news agency '' experienced hacker attacks after publishing an article about the terror act committed by Armenia in Ganja, Azerbaijan, the author of the article, Egyptian journalist Mahmoud Diab told about it. 

He said that after the publication of an article about the Ganja terror, Armenians massively complained the website. Afterwards, the website was attacked by hackers from Armenia and Japan. Hackers made several attempts to delete the post. Together with our IT specialists, we managed to maintain the website,"  Egyptian journalist noted.

Note, Egypt's '' news agency published articles titled as "Two witnesses from Azerbaijan: Armenia continued provocations, impeded last peace talks and bombed unarmed civilians" and "Missile attacks on Azerbaijan's Ganja city."

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