Armenian community's assaults on journalists & MPs is totally unacceptable

  30 October 2020    Read: 1086
Armenian community

Assaults by the Armenian communities in France against journalists and MPs is a totally unacceptable interference with freedom of speech, says President of the Association of the Friends of Azerbaijan in France Jean Francois-Mansell . 

“This is the gravest threat to the people who do not support the members of the Armenian community.  Azerbaijanis, friends of Azerbaijan in France, treat people and their opinions with respect and never attacked Armenians”, Jean Francois-Mansell noted.

"I call the Armenian community to think rationally and refrain from committing such acts of aggression in France where freedom of speech and freedom of expression are protected. Over the past seven years, as the President of the Association of Friends of Azerbaijan, I found myself under constant attacks and threats by angry members of the Armenian community, particularly on social media. Although, I have never reported these attacks, Armenian community's assaults on journalists and MPs are entirely unacceptable”, he added.

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