The Present and Future of the Turkic World – View from Turkey

  16 January 2023    Read: 699
 The Present and Future of the Turkic World – View from Turkey

As we talk of the Turkic world, we do not only imagine a geographical location which is home to 350 million Turks, but also the concept of the seventh economic power. The Turkic world today does not only comprise 7 independent states (Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) but also almost 40 autonomous state entities and over 70 Turkic-speaking communities. Thus, as prominent foreign scholars say, the Turks make History, but, unfortunately, do not write it.

Estimating the economic power of the seven independent states above indeed ranks the Turkic world sixth globally after Russia in terms of economic power.

This is evidenced by the data from the IMF and the World Bank. China undoubtedly ranks first as we consider the economic power according to the rating standings of the gross national product of specific countries and their national income based on their purchasing parity. In monetary terms, its economic might is close to 27 trillion dollars.

The second place is secured by the United States of America with 23 trillion, followed by India with 11 trillion and Japan with 6.

Germany comes in fifth with an economic prowess estimated at 4.8 trillion USD. Russia ranks sixth with 4.4 trillion. The list also demonstrates that if the Organization of Turkic States were a country, it could rank seventh in the list with 3.8 trillion USD.

The Organization of Turkic States seems frightening to some imperial powers. It, albeit indirectly, comes seventh in the rating of economic powers.

Let’s imagine for a moment that there is an independent state of TURAN, which has a status of a superpower and is as sufficiently strong as to not bow to anyone. Celebrated Italian politician, author of The Prince political treatise, once said that ‘no power wants to have power different from itself’. Machiavelli wrote that a prudent ruler must adapt to new situations, acting as a fox in order to recognize traps and as a lion when he must frighten off wolves. This eminent diplomat also argues that the end justifies means. The Prince is a reference book for every politician. The author of the Siyasat Nama treatise, Nizam al-Mulk, defended similar ideas.

In light of this, we may conclude that the Turkic world and the Organization of Turkic States is arguably a dream that exists on paper and a gigantic project that seems utopian to some. But the current potential of the Turkic youth proves that tomorrow their dream of building TURAN may come true through rational and real political steps. The Organization of Turkic States should not be confined to Turkic countries only.

It should also include the powerful states of Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia, who are friends of the Turkic world and who compete with world powers in the geopolitical and geostrategic context. For example, Israel is a friend of Turkey. As the Jews were expelled from Europe, they took refuge in the Ottoman Empire. And today the Jewish lobby and diaspora in the USA are friendly towards Turkey. Although Turkey and Israel experienced certain political strain after the ‘Mavi Marmara’ event, the two countries are steadily and sustainably normalizing their relations.

Azerbaijan, one of the members of the Organization of Turkic States and a shining star and leader in the South Caucasus guided by a smart political leader Ilham Aliyev, acquired the Iron Dome tactical air-defence system and other weapons and put them to a spectacular use during the Second Karabakh War. We cannot also deny and underestimate the role of Bayraktar TB-2 unmanned aerial combat vehicles Azerbaijan procured from Turkey. Despite everything, the entire world is aware of the power of Harop loitering drones purchased from Israel.

If we set about to analyze the present and future of the Turkic world, we can proudly say that we are strong today and will grow even stronger tomorrow. As the great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk once said that the Turkic Union is the dream, but you – the youth – are the ones who will make it come to life. The Turkic Union will become a reality in the future and grow to be the dominant force in the world.


Elnur Hasan Mikail, PhD, Head of the Department of Political Sciences, and International Relations at Kars Kafkas University, especially for Analytical Team


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