Armenia's attempts to maintain "gray zone" in Karabakh suffered defeat - Jeyhun Bayramov

  22 September 2023    Read: 480

Armenia's attempts to maintain a "gray zone" in Karabakh have suffered defeat, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Bayramov said at the UN Security Council meeting, reports.

He noted that in just one day, more than 90 positions of illegal Armenian armed formations came under the control of the Azerbaijani Army, as well as 20 combat vehicles, 40 artillery installations, 30 mortars, 6 electronic warfare stations, and 2 air defense systems were eliminated.

"Images of Armenian heavy military equipment are available. It is absolutely clear that this equipment was used on Azerbaijani territory for non-peaceful purposes. No sovereign state, including Azerbaijan, can tolerate such unlawful military presence on its territory. In order to ensure the safety of all residents, Azerbaijan acted in full accordance with international law and its rights stemming from the Constitution. Thus, Armenia's systematic attempts to create a new status quo through the unlawful use of force on the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan and to maintain a "gray zone" based on the "line of demarcation logic" have failed," the minister said.

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