Parliament to hold public hearings on return to Western Azerbaijan 

  22 September 2023    Read: 302
Parliament to hold public hearings on return to Western Azerbaijan 

Azerbaijan's Milli Majlis (Parliament) will host public hearings on "Return to Western Azerbaijan: Legal Aspects," organized by the Committee on Legal Policy and State Building, on September 25, the Parliament told reporters.

The mass expulsion of Azerbaijanis from their ancestral lands (present-day Armenia), legal aspects of return to West Azerbaijan, legal assessment of crimes committed by Armenians, and other issues will be discussed at the event.

The hearings will be attended by MPs, members of the Western Azerbaijan Community, representatives of law enforcement bodies, scientists and legal researchers, representatives of civil society, and experts.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijan launched anti-terrorist measures in Karabakh on September 19 in order to completely expel Armenian illegal armed formations from its territory.

As a result, in less than 24 hours, the Azerbaijani Army managed to take control of more than 90 combat positions of the Armenian armed forces units. At the same time, seven combat vehicles, one tank, four mortars, and two infantry fighting vehicles were captured as trophies by the Armenian Armed Forces units.

Thus, an agreement on the cessation of anti-terrorist activities was reached at 13:00 (GMT+4) on September 20.

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