Innovations in parking at Baku Airport: convenience and efficiency for visitors

  07 November 2023    Read: 539
Innovations in parking at Baku Airport: convenience and efficiency for visitors

Heydar Aliyev International Airport provides visitors with innovative services, ensuring fast entry and exit of vehicles, as well as convenient payment methods for parking, the Airport told reporters.

You can now pay for parking both at payment terminals and online. To do this, visitors can use the “Tezödə” and “AzParking” platforms through their mobile devices without leaving their cars.

You can also pay for parking in cash and non-cash (bank cards) methods at payment terminals located at the airport. The use of plastic cards when entering/exiting the airport has been cancelled, and technology for automatic recognition of state registration numbers of vehicles has been introduced. That makes the process convenient and fast, significantly reducing time costs.

In addition, for more efficient use of the territory by visitors, as part of the development strategy of Heydar Aliyev International Airport, it is planned to expand the parking area and build additional spaces.

Note that most users are those who park their cars for a short period – up to 2 hours. Given this, as well as the limited number of parking spaces, Baku Airport is trying to provide more parking spaces for priority short-term users. Based on this, only for long-term parked vehicles the tariffs will change from November 07, 2023, and for short-term users the tariffs will remain unchanged.

If any questions arise regarding the implementation of the new system at the initial stage, responsible employees will provide visitors with the necessary support, or additional information can be obtained by clicking on the link

Let us remind you that for the first 15 minutes, there is no charge for vehicles. For a comfortable and flexible process of disembarking/meeting passengers at Baku Airport, they are provided with special lanes - “drop off”/ “pick up”.

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