Azerbaijan forming vital component of Silk Road - ICSB CEO

  16 November 2023    Read: 574
Azerbaijan forming vital component of Silk Road - ICSB CEO

Azerbaijan's strategic and geographical location, developed infrastructure, flexibility and human capital all make it an important part of the Silk Road, President and CEO of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) Ayman El Tarabishy said, reports.

He spoke at the World Forum on Small and Medium Enterprises held in Baku.

"This makes it an ideal hub as the Silk Road's rich history enters a new chapter, becoming the focal point of what we call the new path of entrepreneurship." "This new path is more than just a road; it represents an entrepreneurial spirit ready to embrace Europe and Asia in terms of entrepreneurship and innovative ideas," he remarked.

He also stated that because the potential is greater than the location, Azerbaijan is broadening the frontiers of numerous industries, exhibiting an incredible range of entrepreneurial initiatives ranging from cutting-edge genetics advancements to sustainable food supply ways. Solar energy advancements, as well as novel waste management systems, are only the beginning of what are expected to be huge transformations.

"I bring up these examples since we heard them from Azerbaijani entrepreneurs during our meetings when they answered the question "why and what do they plan to do to realize their vision?" And these changes are occurring not only in different industries, but also in the mindset, in the broader picture of what entrepreneurship can do when we meet with company executives and leverage their ideas and passion. We feel that the country is not simply on the verge of transformation, but is racing through it like Formula One, ushering in a new era of global enterprise," Ayman El Tarabishy added.

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