Arab Parliament President: No interference encountered in voters' participation in Azerbaijan's presidential election 

  08 February 2024    Read: 368
  Arab Parliament President: No interference encountered in voters

“I would like to congratulate Azerbaijan on its remarkable success in the snap presidential election. Yesterday, we monitored numerous polling stations. We observed a significant voter turnout at these stations and did not encounter any interference with the voters,” said President of the Arab Parliament Adel bin Abdulrahman al-Asoomi during a press conference on the results of the snap presidential election, reports. 

“Each voter had the opportunity to cast their vote for the candidate of their choice. The elections were conducted flawlessly with a high voter turnout.”

Highlighting the active involvement of both local and international observers, the President of Arab Parliament affirmed that Azerbaijan conducted the elections with absolutely transparency.

“As the Arab Parliament, we welcome this development. Overall, we did not observe any instances of violations or irregularities during the electoral process,” added Adel bin Abdulrahman al-Asoomi.

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