Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan hails progress of bilateral relations - PHOTO

  13 May 2024    Read: 659
 Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan hails progress of bilateral relations - PHOTO

Speaker of Azerbaijan’s Milli Majlis (Parliament) Sahiba Gafarova has had a meeting with Speaker of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan Tanzila Narbayeva as part of her current working visit to that country, the parliament’s press service told

The dynamic progress of the relations between our friendly and fraternal countries was mentioned with content at the meeting. It was said also that the religious and spiritual proximity as well as the linguistic affinity of our peoples contributed strongly to the continuing intensification of the ties that are tied in the centuries past.

The special role of the Heads of State in the deepening of the relations was underscored. It was said that the bilateral relations had entered a new phase thanks to the firm resolve of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, the two countries that are co-operating successfully in many areas.

Saying that Azerbaijan’s liberation of her lands from occupation under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev was met with joy in Uzbekistan as well, Tanzila Narbayeva mentioned the very successful reclamation of the de-occupied territories that the people of Azerbaijan are furthering.

She mentioned a trip to Shusha during her visit to our country and shared fond impressions from the work done in those areas and the beauty of Shusha alike

The Speaker of the Senate stressed that the President of Azerbaijan was not only a leader who has made great achievements for his country and people but also one of the politicians commanding great respect and esteem worldwide

The Speaker of the Milli Majlis mentioned President Ilham Aliyev’s maxim ‘The Turkic World is Our Family’ before she underscored the roles of the Heads of State of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan in the intensification of the links amongst the Turkic States. Members of Parliament, too, ought to contribute to the work done in that realm, according to Mrs Gafarova.

Then, they talked about the role of the legislatures in the progress of the Azerbaijani-Uzbek relations and the close ties between the two legislative assemblies. Speaker Sahiba Gafarova broached the substantial input the extensive contacts made in our advancing inter-parliamentary relations. She also mentioned the existence of friendship groups in the parliaments of both countries. Our parliamentarians co-operate fruitfully in various international organisations and support each other's stances. The need to continue the joint fight against double standards and biased attitudes towards our countries on international platforms was then highlighted. In addition, the possibility of further deepening co-operation between our parliaments was talked over at the meeting.

Furthermore, there was an exchange of opinions about the significance of the Asian Women’s Forum and the relevance of its agenda. Speaker Sahiba Gafarova expressed her contentment with such a remarkable international event being hosted by the friendly and fraternal Uzbekistan, and said she was certain that the forum would set high organisational standards.

The meeting also saw an exchange of opinions about other matters of shared interest.

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