Azerbaijan counts families to return homeland in Aghdam's Taghibayli village

  29 May 2024    Read: 581
Azerbaijan counts families to return homeland in Aghdam

A total of 108 families are planned to be returned to Taghibayli village in Aghdam district, Umid Isazade, leading consultant of the Special Representative Office of the President of Azerbaijan in the Aghdam, Fuzuli and Khojavand districts, told reporters, reports.

He made the remark during today's media tour in the Aghdam district.

He states that the initial phase involves relocating 605 families to the Agdam district villages of Taghibeyli, Gulluja, Namirli, and Shotlanli.

"The projected area of Taghibayli village is 255.31 hectares. It's planned to resettle 3,840 people in the village, and for this purpose, 885 private houses will be built. The projected area consists of the territories of Taghibayli and Suma villages. The projected area in the first stage is 78.05 hectares, and it's planned to relocate 108 families here. At this stage, out of the planned 108 houses, 22 will be two-bedroom, 54 will be three-bedroom, 27 will be four-bedroom, and five will be five-bedroom.

Additionally, the village will have a school building with 264 student places, a kindergarten with 80 places, a medical center, a community center, a library, a guest house, a shopping center, a sports and recreation center, an administrative building, a service facility, a craft workshop, a village square, a flag square, a park, a fire station (for 2 vehicles), a boiler room, a water reservoir, a sports ground, a 35-kilovolt distribution station, and a market complex," he added.

Then Isazade briefed the media representatives on Gulluja village, the foundation of which was laid by the head of state on May 28.

To note, within the media tour, media representatives have visited Taghibayli, Gulluja, Namirli and Shotlanli villages.

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