Azerconnect Group is the main partner of the National Cybersecurity Forum

  03 June 2024    Read: 420
Azerconnect Group is the main partner of the National Cybersecurity Forum

The 3rd National Cybersecurity Forum took place in Baku, organized by the Association of Cybersecurity Organizations of Azerbaijan, with the main partnership of Azerconnect Group, the leading ICT company in Azerbaijan.

During the opening ceremony of the event, Dovlat Dovlatov, Deputy CEO of Azerconnect Group, elaborated on the company's advanced experience in fortifying the cybersecurity ecosystem. The forum featured a presentation on Azerconnect Group's initiative aimed at enhancing its Security Operations Center. Additionally, comprehensive insights were provided into the company's efforts to train local professionals within cybersecurity field.

At the forum, state institutions, private companies, and business representatives came together for important discussions on critical topics such as information infrastructure security, cybersecurity education, human resources, and the formation of a cyber diaspora.

Notably, Azerconnect Group, being one of the largest employers in the field of ICT, is a member of the Association of Cybers​ecurity Organizations of Azerbaijan.

Azerconnect Group is a company that provides services in the dynamically developing ICT and high technologies fields of Azerbaijan. Azerconnect Group is part of NEQSOL Holding, an international group of companies operating in various countries across the energy, telecommunications, hi-tech, and construction industries.

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