TOP FIVE FACTS about so-Called `Armenian Genocide -VIDEO

  24 April 2016    Read: 7099
TOP FIVE FACTS about so-Called `Armenian Genocide -VIDEO
1) Recently, Bruce Fein made a publication showing the number of deaths regarding Armenians (real number around 300 - 750 thousands) and also the Turkish civilians in Anatolia with almost 2.4 million Turkish citizens. This also proofs the real fact about the mass graves, mostly found with the dead bodies of Turkish citizens significantly more than Armenians have. Source: Bruce Fein, 2009, Lies, Damn Lies, and Armenian Deaths,

2) Another fact can be directed to the documentary film shown at a TV program with Timsal Karabekir who is the daughter of the Turkish General of Ottoman Empire then, Musa Kâzım Karabekir. The General witnessed to the persecutions of the Armenians and in this TV program Mrs. Karabekir shares the memories of her father regarding the massacre performed by the Armenian Rebels (not Armenians that were normal civilians) applied to the Turkish civilians. Here is the video (with English subtitles):

3) There are some websites that have been showing the detailed information about the Turkish Genocide made by Armenians with the reasons behind why Armenians provoke a so-called Armenian Genocide (as being lied, from Ottoman Empire), and with the supporters of this so-called Armenian Genocide with the reasons: TURKISH DIPLOMATS KILLED BY ARMENIAN TERRORISTS, Armenian Atrocities in Historical Archives - Part I, Armenian Genocide Lie, Archive Documents Reveal The Truth

4) The hate of Armenians to Turkish nation can be seen also in the recent history. The Armenian Diaspora has still been carrying out the massacres which came true in Karabakh Genocide applied to the Azerbaijan Turks in 1992 and also with the Armenian terrorist activities directed to the Turkish people living in USA and to American people that were studying Turkish history, the details given in Armenian Terrorist Activities in USA. The atrocity they performed during their massacre on Turkish people can be seen from:
WATCH Atrocities committed by Armenia in Khojaly - VIDEO
, Armenians and Terror Chronology,
Armenian Terrorism as a Part of International Terrorism - Part 2

5) Another point, but not historical enlightening can be directed to the fake illustrations that the Armenians have used so far while pointing that "There was an Armenian genocide". The misleading of the history by the Armenians yielded to success by the illustrative pictures that were directly taken from the Holocaust of Nazi during World War I. These fake illustrations have been used in their websites, protests etc: Armenian Genocide Lie, Armenian Photo Fakery

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