Montenegro's Minister of European Affairs resigns

  22 February 2018    Read: 5405
Montenegro’s European Affairs Minister resigned Thursday after the country’s anti-corruption agency discovered he was holding two positions and receiving an additional income, reports citing AA.

Aleksandar Andrija Pejovic said he made the decision for moral reasons.

“As a responsible citizen, taking into account the activities of Montenegrin institutions, I decided to act in this manner in order to relieve the government and myself of the personal pressure that arose after the decision of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (ASK),” said Pejovic

Pejovic said the ASK found he was in conflict of interest by acting as both a minister and chief negotiator.

Referring to the allegation, he said he had not violated the law and there is no conflict of interest in serving both roles, which was in accordance with government regulations. He added there are comparative examples in Croatia and Serbia.

ASK found that Pejovic had been receiving an additional monthly income of 3,178 euros from the chief negotiator's office since last May.

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