Chinese bank to fund giant panda conservation park

  08 March 2018    Read: 1503
Chinese bank to fund giant panda conservation park

The Bank of China has pledged at least 10bn yuan (£1.1bn) to create a giant panda conservation park in south-west Sichuan province, the Chinese forestry ministry has said.

The Sichuan branch of the central bank signed an agreement with the provincial government to finance the vast national park’s construction by 2023. The park aims to bolster the local economy while providing the endangered animals with an unbroken range in which they can meet and mate with other pandas in order to enrich their gene pool.

The ministry said the park will measure 2m hectares (5m acres), making it more than twice the size of Yellowstone national park in the US.

Zhang Weichao, a Sichuan official involved in the park planning, told the state-run China Daily the agreement would help alleviate poverty among the 170,000 people living within the project’s proposed territory.

Plans for the park were initiated in January last year by the ruling Communist party’s central committee and the state council, the China Daily reported.

Giant pandas are China’s unofficial national mascot and live mainly in the Sichuan mountains, with some in neighbouring Gansu and Shaanxi provinces. An estimated 1,864 live in the wild, where they are chiefly threatened by habitat loss. Another 300 live in captivity.


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