Denmark expels two Huawei staff over permits

  05 February 2019    Read: 1777
Denmark expels two Huawei staff over permits

Denmark has deported two employees of Chinese tech giant Huawei for flouting work and residence permit rules, police said Monday.

In a statement, Copenhagen police said two staff whose work and residence permits were not in order were expelled from the country after a “routine check” was conducted at Huawei’s Copenhagen office.

The statement said the inspection had no relation to recent allegations that Huawei could use technology for "spying".

Last week, the U.S. unsealed two indictments tied to alleged illegality by Huawei, including alleged theft of trade secrets.

A 13-count indictment charged Huawei, two Huawei affiliates — Huawei Device USA and Skycom Tech Co. — as well as Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou with financial fraud related to attempts to evade U.S. sanctions on Iran.

Huawei has rejected the charges.

U.S. prosecutors are attempting to extradite Meng from Canada, where she has been released on bail after being taken into custody at Vancouver International Airport in December.

The U.S., France and other Western nations have voiced concern that using Huawei base stations and other gear could give Beijing access to critical network infrastructure worldwide, possibly allowing it to spy on foreign governments.

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