Campaign to discredit Azerbaijan on eve of European games was expected

  30 April 2015    Read: 712
Campaign to discredit Azerbaijan on eve of European games was expected
The campaign to discredit Azerbaijan on the eve of the First European Games was expected, the deputy executive secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party, MP Siyavush Novruzov, told on April 29.
Novruzov was commenting on the documents witnessing that the anti-Azerbaijan campaign is managed from the office of the US secretary of state, John Kerry.

He said the companies listed in the said documents have been constantly carrying out such campaigns against Azerbaijan.

“Freedom House and other organizations have constantly held anti-Azerbaijani position, expressed such opinions in all their statements based on unsubstantiated facts, speaking from the position of the Armenian lobby and pro-Armenian forces,” the MP said.

Novruzov said it is not worth expecting that they would react calmly to the holding of the First European Games, as most of these organizations receive financial support from the Armenian lobby.

He said that naturally, Azerbaijan’s growing influence, its economic development, the socio-economic stability there, holding of international events in this country concerns the forces that are against Azerbaijan.

“Azerbaijan today is holding a sufficiently strong position in the world, including in Europe by ensuring its energy security, implements major joint projects with EU,” the MP said.

“They [anti-Azerbaijani forces] believe that these issues should be agreed with some countries and allegedly, we should find a “Big Brother” for ourselves,” he said, adding that however, Azerbaijan’s foreign policy envisages equal relations with every country and international organization.

Novruzov added that this is Azerbaijan’s independent foreign policy the foundation of which was laid by the country’s National Leader Heydar Aliyev.

Today, this policy continues successfully, which doesn’t suit some countries, the MP added.
The latest investigation revealed that the anti-Azerbaijani campaign is managed from the office of the US State Secretary John Kerry.

The National Endowment for Democracy organization has been ordered to hold this campaign. The organization that is financed from the US budget, has been trying to create “the fifth column” in Azerbaijan for many years. NED has sent millions of dollars to some NGOs and media structures in Azerbaijan from the sources in the West.

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