Argentina carnival stand collapses injuring 34 - VIDEO

  18 February 2019    Read: 807
Argentina carnival stand collapses injuring 34 -    VIDEO

The terrifying moment a stand packed with revellers celebrating carnival in Argentina completely collapsed, leaving scores injured, has been shared online.

Video footage of the horrifying moment shows the chanting crowd jumping on a jam-packed stand while carnival performers parade by. Suddenly, the cheers are replaced with terrified screams, closely followed by a shocked silence as the group of people disappear from sight.

Argentine police later confirmed that 34 people were injured in the incident, some seriously. The mayor of Villa Santa Rosa, Víctor Kieffer, told reporters the “excessive” jumping of the audience caused the grandstands to give way underfoot.

“We regret the accident of course and I apologize because it is what you least expect at a party like this. What I want to say is that we are going to continue with this [investigation],” Kieffer said in a news conference.



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