Greek prosecutors charge 20, mostly officials, over last July's deadly fire tragedy

  06 March 2019    Read: 1381
Greek prosecutors charge 20, mostly officials, over last July

Greek prosecutors brought charges against 20 individuals, mostly still serving and former officials, over the wildfire tragedy of July 23 last summer near Athens which caused 100 deaths, reported citing Greek national news agency AMNA.

Attica Regional Governor Rena Dourou, two mayors, former general secretary for civil protection Yannis Kapakis, the former Fire Brigade chief as well as the current head who was serving as deputy chief at the time, are among those charged with negligent arson and negligent manslaughter.

An elderly man who is suspected of starting the blaze to burn wood at his backyard is also among the 20 charged.

Fuelled by strong winds, the flames swept through the seaside resort of Mati, some 30 kilometers northeast of Athens, resulting in the death of entire families in some cases.

According to sources, prosecutors pointed to lack of coordination among authorities and grave mistakes while battling the fire and criminal omissions before it started.

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