Security Council renews mandate of UN support mission in Haiti for last time

  13 April 2019    Read: 1350
Security Council renews mandate of UN support mission in Haiti for last time

The Security Council on Friday decided to extend the mandate of the UN Mission for Justice Support in Haiti (MINUJUSTH) for the last time, paving the way for a transition to a non-peacekeeping UN presence in Haiti, reported citing Xinhua.

Resolution 2466, which won support of 13 out of the 15 members of the council, extends the Haiti mission's mandate till Oct. 15, 2019. Russia and the Dominican Republic abstained.

The resolution requests the UN secretary-general to initiate the necessary planning for an integrated post-MINUJUSTH presence of the United Nations in Haiti, including a Special Political Mission (SPM).

It asks the secretary-general to prepare for and begin the gradual, phased withdrawal of MINUJUSTH personnel in advance of Oct. 15, 2019, as appropriate, to ensure a seamless transition.

It also requests the secretary-general to report to the Security Council within 30 days of the adoption of this resolution regarding the operational details of the proposed SPM, including its specific objectives and information regarding its proposed deployment, staffing, and structure for the Security Council's consideration and subsequent authorization.

MINUJUSTH is already a smaller police mission than its predecessor, the UN Stabilisation Mission in Haiti, which had military personnel. MINUJUSTH replaced the stabilization mission in October 2017.

Friday's resolution marks the anticipated end of more than 15 years of UN peacekeeping in Haiti.

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