China officially arrests ex-Interpol chief on suspicion of bribery

  24 April 2019    Read: 1369
China officially arrests ex-Interpol chief on suspicion of bribery

China's Prosecutor General's Office has arrested the former president of Interpol and China's former vice-minister of Public Security, Meng Hongwei, on suspicion of bribery, a statement from the office said on Wednesday.

"The bribery case of… Meng Hongwei was transferred to the Prosecutor General's Office for investigation after the probe by the National Supervisory Commission was completed. A few days ago, the Prosecutor General's Office decided to arrest Meng Hongwei on suspicion of accepting bribes. The case is being processed," the statement said.

Meng went missing in September during his trip to China. His wife informed the French authorities — since Interpol is based in France — of the incident, after which prosecutors launched an investigation.

Chinese media later reported that Meng was taken for questioning soon after arriving in the country. The Chinese Public Security Ministry officially announced in October that Meng was suspected of corruption and violating the law. Since then, Meng, who promptly resigned from his Interpol position, was detained in his native China, pending a corruption investigation. He was also expelled from the ruling Communist Party and from public office.

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