Berlusconi undergoes surgery and is in intensive care

  02 May 2019    Read: 1112
Berlusconi undergoes surgery and is in intensive care

Italy’s ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has undergone a surgery and is currently in intensive care. Doctors promise to check him out of the hospital in a couple of days, reports RG.

As reported Il Messaggero, on April 29, Berlusconi felt great pain in his stomach. The drugs didn’t help, and ambulance doctors decided to hospitalize the 82-year-old politician. At the outset, it was assumed that Berlusconi had kidney hives, but a checkup showed bowel obstruction that was a result of the removal of his gallbladder 40 years ago. The doctors at San Rafaele Hospital of Milan exposed him to laparoscopy.

Since he was in the hospital, Berlusconi wasn’t able to attend the event devoted to the May 26 elections of the European Parliament, but he is planning on running in the elections as one of the candidates of his Forward, Italy! Party.

“It’s a pain for me to deceive our opponents, but I’m already fine,” Berlusconi said as he talked about his health condition.

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