Seven military personnel killed in Venezuela helicopter crash

  05 May 2019    Read: 1538
  Seven military personnel killed in Venezuela helicopter crash

A Venezuelan military helicopter has crashed, killing all seven people on board. The deceased include three captains, two majors and two lieutenant-colonels.

The Cougar Siglas helicopter was flying from Caracas to San Carlos, in the state of Cojedes. The helicopter crashedshortly after leaving the Venezuelan capital in a wooded area of the Caracas municipality of El Hatillo.

On Saturday Maduro was overseeing training exercises in El Pao, Cojedes state. He accused Washington and supporters of opposition leader Juan Guaido of conspiracy “to weaken, divide and destroy the Bolivarian Armed Forces from within”with lots of money. He urged the soldiers to say no to traitors.

Guaido called for the ouster of Maduro last Tuesday, claiming that the military was on his side, but that attempt failed after two days of protests as the army remained predominantly faithful to the elected president.



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