Gallup survey: Armenia is world’s angriest country

  15 May 2019    Read: 1228
 Gallup survey: Armenia is world’s angriest country

The Gallup 2019 Global Emotions Report results have been publicized, reports citing the Gallup International.

According to this report within the framework of which the population of the more than 140 countries was surveyed in 2018, the angriest population in the world is from Armenia, with 45 percent of its people feeling angry.

The world is an increasingly angry place and Armenia is the angriest place of all, a recent survey of international emotions found.

Fully 45 percent of Armenian respondents – the highest national percentage anywhere in the world – said that they had been angry in the past day. To Armenia’s north, in Georgia, the positive response rate was 27 percent, while the moneyed neighbor to the east, Azerbaijan, is the calmest in the Caucasus region, with only 18 percent reporting having been angry recently.

Nearby Iraq and Iran are nearly as angry, respectively coming second (44 percent) and third (43 percent) on the global ire chart.

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