Acting Moldovan president Pavel Filip says he's signed decree to dissolve parliament

  09 June 2019    Read: 1056
Acting Moldovan president Pavel Filip says he

Moldova's Interim President Pavel Filip says he has signed a decree to dissolve parliament and hold snap elections on 7 September, reports citing Sputnik.

Earlier, the country's president Igor Dodon commented on the political situation in his country:

"As we can see the Democratic Party does not intend to peacefully transfer power to the parliamentary majority and legitimate [Moldovan] government. In this situation we do not have any other options other than to ask the international community to mediate the process of a peaceful transfer of power and/or to call on the people of Moldova to unprecedentedly mobilise and march in peaceful protest", Dodon wrote on his Facebook.

Dodon added that the people of Moldova should unite, regardless of what political views they hold, under the common goal of liberating Moldova from a criminal regime. The president also advised people not to respond to provocations and threats and not to participate in rallies organised by the Democratic Party.

On Sunday, supporters of the pro-European Democratic Party set up tents near ministerial buildings after deputy chairman Andrian Candu called on people to protest on Saturday and demand the president's resignation.

Moldova's Constitutional Court ruled on Sunday to temporarily transfer Moldovan President Igor Dodon's presidential powers to Prime Minister Pavel Filip so that he could dissolve the parliament and call snap elections.

"Prime Minister Pavel Filip, acting as president of the Republic of Moldova, will appear before the Constitutional Court to state the circumstances which justify the dissolution of the 10th parliament, followed by the dissolution of the parliament and the setting of a date for snap elections", the court statement said.

President Igor Dodon has reacted to this news by calling it "a desperate usurp power".

The country held parliamentary elections in February but since then has failed to form a new government. A three-month deadline to do this expired on 7 June.

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