Trump says 'no rush' regarding tensions with Iran, expresses hope for positive outcome

  28 June 2019    Read: 956
Trump says

US President Donald Trump said on Friday there was "no rush" around the settlement of the US-Iranian tensions and expressed hope for positive developments on the issue, Sputnik reports. 

"We have a lot of time, there is no rush. They can take their time. There is absolutely no time pressure," Trump said at a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Japan's Osaka, as aired by the Fox television network.

"Hopefully, in the end, it’s going to work out," Trump pointed out.

On Tuesday, Trump suggested that the US is "not going to need an exit strategy" if war broke out with Iran.

Relations between the United States and Iran deteriorated recently after Iran downed a drone, which Tehran says violated its airspace. Foreign Minister Javad Zarif later published maps with data from the radar, proving Tehran's point.

Washington insists that its drone was flying over neutral waters of the Strait of Hormuz when it was destroyed, releasing maps of its own. US President said he ordered strikes on targets in Iran, but called off the attacks at the last minute because they would be a 

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