Expensive perfumes are a waste of money, scientists reveal

  04 July 2019    Read: 830
 Expensive perfumes are a waste of money, scientists reveal

Buying an expensive perfume may be a waste of time and money as the most attractive scents are cheap and simple, scientists claim. 

A study of more than 10,000 fragrances discovered people do not prefer the pricier alternatives on the market.  

Instead, natural scents such as jasmine and mint are popular choices. 

A team from Imperial College London found the top five most popular scents are jasmine, musk, bergamot, sandalwood and amber.

Writing in the journal PLOS ONE, they said: 'More dosh does not necessarily mean better perfumes - some of the great fragrances of the past were relatively cheap formulae, and it is still quite possible to mix expensive raw materials and get an expensive mess.'

The study compared online ratings for the perfumes and their ingredients and found geranium and lavender are the most popular pairing.

The combination of musk, vanilla and the Indian grass vetiver was extremely popular but rarely used. 

So too was the combination of jasmine and mint, which the authors said was highly rated but not common in perfumes.

Though they may seem old-fashioned, the mathematical analysis found 'floral notes' like geranium are popular aromas.

Price and the age of a perfume did not have an effect on whether fragrances were liked.

Vaiva Vasiliauskaite, who led the study from Imperial, said: 'Our work provides insights into factors that play a role in the success of perfumes.

'It also sets up a framework for a statistical analysis of fragrances based on simple properties and customer reviews.

'It could be a beneficial tool for systematic ingredient selection and act as an artificial "nose" - a traditional craft-master of perfumery.'


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