US House of Reps votes against Trump impeachment resolution

  18 July 2019    Read: 1187
US House of Reps votes against   Trump impeachment resolution

The US House of Representatives voted Wednesday to kill a resolution to immediately consider impeaching President Donald Trump, the Voice of America reported.

The lawmakers in the Democratic-controlled chamber voted 332-95 to table the measure, which effectively killed it.

Texas Democratic Congressman Al Green introduced the resolution.

In his impeachment resolution, Green cited Trump’s comments this week telling four lawmakers, all women of color, to “go back” to their homelands, and other racially-provocative comments Trump has made during his presidency. The House condemned Trump’s remarks about the four congresswomen as racist.

Al Green has previously used the legislative rules in the House to force two impeachment votes, in December 2017 and a month later, with the then-Republican-controlled House overwhelmingly voting both times against his efforts. But the new vote is the first time Green has pressed the issue since Democrats took control of the chamber in January.

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