Russia ready to deliver Su-35 fighter jets to Turkey

  18 July 2019    Read: 1268
  Russia ready to deliver Su-35 fighter jets to Turkey

Russia’s Rostec state corporation is ready to supply Su-35 fighter jets to Turkey if Ankara expresses an interest in their purchase, Rostec chief Sergei Chemezov stated on Thursday, reported citing TASS. 

"If our Turkish colleagues express an interest, we are ready to discuss the deliveries of Su-35," the Rostec press service quotes Chemezov as saying.

On July 17, the US State Department spokesperson said in a written statement that Turkey’s decision to purchase Russian missile defense systems S-400 makes it impossible for Ankara to remain in the US F-35 fighter jet program.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry called on the US to reconsider the decision to exclude Turkey from the F-35 program.

The Su-35S generation 4++ supersonic fighter jet performed its debut flight on February 19, 2008. The fighter jet is a derivative of the Su-27 plane. The Su-35S weighs 19 tonnes, has a service ceiling of 20,000 meters, can develop a maximum speed of 2,500 km/h and has a crew of one pilot. The fighter jet’s armament includes a 30mm aircraft gun, up to 8 tonnes of the weapon payload (missiles and bombs of various types) on 12 underwing hardpoints. The Su-35S has been in service with the Russian Army since 2015.

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