NY utility company cuts power to 30,000 in Brooklyn

  22 July 2019    Read: 1181
NY utility company cuts power to 30,000 in Brooklyn

The move was announced earlier by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. Con Edison (Con Ed) utility cut off power temporarily across parts of Brooklyn on Sunday night due to extremely hot weather, The NY Post reported, citing city officials. 

According to reports citing representatives for the utility company, voltage will be reduced across arts of Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Prospect Heights, Flatlands, Bergen Beach and Georgetown.

The measures were prompted by earlier outages in some New York districts. In particular, residents across Queens and the Bronx, in addition to Brooklyn, were reporting outages on Sunday amidst the ongoing heatwave, according to The NY Post. The utility company asked customers to limit their use of “non-essential appliances” in an attempt to avoid losing power.

De Blasio also said that a command post would be set up in the affected area to aid people impacted by the outages.

Earlier in July, a blackout hit New York City, leaving over 40,000 people without electricityand trapping many in subway tunnels and elevators. Notably, the power outage occurred on the 42nd anniversary of the massive 13-14 July blackout in 1977, when a power outage struck most of New York City and led to looting, arson and other public disturbances.

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