Sudanese officials confirm 5 dead in Monday protests

  30 July 2019    Read: 1175
Sudanese officials confirm 5 dead in Monday protests

The governor of Sudanese state of North Kurdufan, where security forces opened fire at protesters earlier on Monday, confirmed the deaths of five people during rallies, Sputnik reports. 

Earlier in the day, UNICEF Sudan Representative Abdullah Fadil called on Sudanese authorities to investigate violence against demonstrators, which took place in the Sudanese city of El Obeid. The students participating in the protest were reportedly demanding better living conditions and lower prices of fuel and bread.

According to the governor, the protest, which began peacefully, turned violent after some criminals incited the protesters to attack two bank offices, the SUNA news agency reported.

On 11 April, Sudan experienced a military coup following four months of protests. Sudan’s military overthrew and imprisoned long-time President Omar Bashir.

The Transitional Military Council, which assumed power over the country, pledged to organize a new election within two years, but rallies have continued across the country, with the opposition alliance demanding that power be immediately transferred to a civilian-led government.

The standoff between the military and opposition culminated in a deadly break-up of a sit-in outside the army office in Khartoum on 3 June.

The rival forces managed to make some progress toward peace earlier in July by concluding the power-sharing deal under pressure from the African Union.

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